Our Mission & Style

Our definition of silent sufferers include both animals, the environment and human beings as long as they are overlooked and are not getting sufficient assistance from the public at large. As animals and the environment cannot speak for themselves, they never get sufficient care and attention. On the human front, there are also causes which have less commercial value to corporate donors and as a result, are being ignored. The Foundation has identified migrant workers, minority races and women’s rights as the common causes often being overlooked by the society. The Foundation devotes its resources equally to both animals, environment and human causes.

The Foundation provides funding in two ways. Wherever possible, the Foundation tries to achieve maximum impact by engaging in activities that have maximum outreach and multiplier effect. It may fund activities which are involved in advocacy, education, publicity through press, road shows and social media. The Foundation may originate its own programs and/or partner with other charitable organisations to undertake such activities.

The Foundation also allocates part of its fund to provide relief to victims of natural disasters and social abuses.